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Pro Training Centre

We have two dedicated Supair training and event fields which is maintained to the highest possible standard. Pitch side undercover staging for plenty of players its the perfect place for your teams to prepare for the season or even just work on areas you feel you need to improve. With 3K air right out of the staging areas there's no trekking across base camps to keep topped up meaning you can maximise your teams valuable training time.

The field can be booked for private training on any available dates by calling our office on 0115 9452427 and there is a base cost of £200 for a basic training set up or £300 for a full millennium set up and this covers up to 20 players. Additional players are then charged at £10 per head. For the price you will get a field with undercover fieldside staging, with 3k air for you to start pulling the trigger from 9am - 3pm. Field layouts can either be specified in advance or one of our experienced team can design a layout for you if there are specific areas you plan to work on.

We also offer open training days  which are always announced on oru dedicated facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Skirmishprotrainingcentre/ so if your whole team is not available and a few of you just want some trigger time then this is perfect for you. Plus you will get to meet up with players from other teams which will also enhance your personal development.

We can all train with our own players but there is nothing better than testing new moves against unknown players in a situation that doesn't affect a possible podium position. Open training is at a cost of £15 per head  and site paint is available from £25 a box 

Throughout the year we also host a range of events from large charity events to our annual Best of the Best Tournament combining woodland Hyperball and Supair play. Along with our http://www.facebook.com/The-Skirmish-GI-Cup-Series-207225716284271/ of 5 man events.