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Paintball Nottingham

Paintballing in Nottingham

If you're on the prowl for a paintballing experience like no other in Nottingham, you'll find all the carnage you can handle at our superb Skirmish Paintball site. Whether you're looking for a paintball Games venue or a paintball venue near Nottingham, we have the site for you. Home to some of the most outrageously entertaining game zones out there and trigger pumping mayhem will unfold from the first minute until the last.

Paintballing fans have never had it so good - our utterly awesome Skirmish Paintball venue in Nottingham is one of the most adrenaline soaked and mud churning experiences out there. Tear across of fantastic game zones, dispatching your foes left, right and centre. A truly out of this world paintballing adventure.

There is no experience as riotously entertaining as an epic paintballing battle and here at our superb Skirmish Paintball Games venue in Nottingham, that's exactly what we've got in store. With more awesome game zones than you can shake a stick at, you better have your trigger finger primed and ready for action if you want to emerge as the paintballing top dog!

For a paintballing experience like no other, you need look no further than our phenomenal Skirmish Paintball Games site in Nottingham. We have so many frantic, mud soaked battles in our many cracking game zones that all our paintballers definitely leave with a smile on their faces. You will need to bring your A-Game if you hold any hope of being crown paintballing king.

We like to look after our paintballers here at Skirmish Paintball Nottingham and will take care of everything from the minute you arrive at our Base Camp. After a short safety briefing, we will give you your equipment and have you showcasing your paintballing credentials out on fantastic game zones in no time. There's No Better Place To Experience The Adventure Than Skirmish Paintball Nottingham!

Paintball is fast becoming one of the most participated in and enjoyable pursuits on the adrenaline sport market across the UK. The camaraderie amongst the paintballing fraternity is second to none and it really is a great pursuit for those both young and old.

Skirmish Paintball Nottingham is the perfect activity for all sorts of events because it boasts team building elements whilst also providing a fun filled day of action which has participant's pulses racing from beginning to end. Whether it's a stag party, hen party, team-building day or a kids paintball package you're after - Paintball has it all and no one does it better than Skirmish Nottingham Paintball!

To make the most of paintballing, it really needs to be done on a site where it is run by paintballers who know what makes for a good game zone and battle set-up - something that you can be assured of with Nottingham Skirmish Paintball. The question isn't "Why Go PaintbAalling?" but "Why NOT go paintballing in Nottingham?!"

Our Nottingham Paintball venue has multiple themed game arenas created by our experienced marshalls using a combination of natural and man-made cover. Opened in 1988, Skirmish Sherwood Forest was one of the first paintball sites in the Nottingham area and has since developed into one of the country's leading Paintball venues. Paintball is a group activity combining teamwork, strategy and quick thinking, your visit to Nottingham's Skirmish site will be a rewarding and thrilling experience for women, men and kids from the age of 9 years and upwards.

All players are equipped with the latest easy-to-use semi automatic paintball markers, biodegradable paintballs, full camouflage coveralls, padded headgear and full face paintball goggles as protection. During your visit to Skirmish Paintball Nottingham, you and your team will be sent on various exciting and challenging missions in our paintball jungle set in the heart of Sherwood Forest. Utilising Skirmish’s many stimulating THEMED game features, you can play paintball at whatever pace you choose. Whether your needs are entertainment or personnel development, we guarantee you’ll have an entertaining, exciting and fun time at Skirmish Nottingham. Our games are designed to develop teamwork, communication skills and leadership qualities whilst fitting into your specific requirements and budget. Companies and groups from all over the UK continue to find lasting benefits by playing at our Skirmish Nottingham site.

The team at Skirmish Paintball Games Nottingham are here to help with every aspect of your day; and to make booking and playing Paintball games as stress free as possible! Booking Paintball in Nottingham has never been easier, simply view our Prices then proceed to our online Booking facility to secure your fantastic day out!

A game of Paintball is the perfect activity for your Stag Do or Hen Do in Nottingham. Paintball is a fun, fast paced activity that you and your friends will enjoy, and remember well. We host hundreds of Stag and Hen Do's each year, and everyone always walks away happy, with a great war story to tell down the pub that evening! Here at Nottingham, you will be sure to enjoy each and every minute of your time spent playing Paintball here knowing you are in safe hands. Running since the early 1980’s not only is this Nottingham Venue well established, but we also use the latest paintball gear allowing you to get the most out of your day.

Paintball is an excellent sport for building team working skills, and forming new bonds and relationships. Playing paintball requires good communication to complete tasks and objectives to score points for your team. Nottingham Businesses come to us when they have hired new staff, or are looking to impress a new client, as paintball has a great way of breaking the ice, and making your team work together to accomplish goals. A day of Corporate & Business Paintball can increase office moral, form friendships, and help team members, or business members to find common grounds of conversation, which will carry over into the work place.

The Nottingham paintball centre serves the needs of anyone looking to play paintball near Nottingham or in fact anywhere in the East Midlands. Located just outside Nottingham, we own and manage the best Paintball venue in the area. Our award-winning Nottingham paintball venue is one of the most accessible venues in the Midlands, so you spend more of your day shooting your mates than travelling.

Our Nottingham paintball venue boasts more award-winning game zones than you can shake a paintball gun at; gigantic castles, army-style trenches, vehicles and many natural and man-made barricades. Nottingham's staff has years of professional paintballing experience, and hard time and effort is spent creating the most exciting, fun, and fair sided game arenas for our customers to play. Not only is our Nottingham venue full of state-of-the-art facilities and home comforts, our paintball marshals are highly trained and extremely professional. This is to ensure that you have THE most incredible day of amazing yet safe paintball.